With Masked Creativity, we wanted to introduce a new form of creativity to a group that might not yet have had the opportunity to explore this area. By literally and figuratively providing space, the girls were able to achieve this. We looked for a way in which we could engage with, in this case, severely traumatized girls through workshops. We started by making mood boards where we put together a collection of inspiring images to use for a photo shoot. With these mood boards, we went into a photo studio with the girls for an entire day, taught them some photography tricks, and let them direct the photo shoot. So all the pictures were taken by the girls themselves under our guidance. Then the images the girls took were printed and the girls made collages with them. We showed these collages in combination with some of the images during the exhibition.
This project opened the eyes of both the facilitators and the girls themselves. They noticed that they were calmer after the workshops and were still thinking a lot about their creative activity. This was what we wanted to achieve and we succeeded.
This project was realized in cooperation with the organization Fier.

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